The worst part about visiting England is the part 

where you have to leave England
when the visit is through.
Maybe every cloud does have a silver lining.
Fishing boats.  


Cliffs along the beach between Gwithian and Hayle, below the towans. 
If you look closely, you can see the rock man’s face (he’s bearing his teeth and saying “Oowrr!”). Why he? Why not?

Wait a Minack!
Mister E sitting around on the stone benches carved by the amazing Rowena Cade (who, with her gardener, built the Minack Theatre by hand over 25 years)…….and later Mister E and I perform our Cornish ice cream connoisseur duties.
The 2007 Ultimate Blonde-Out Competition’s Illustrious First Place winner 
swings with dad, Luke, right. Second place winner likes swinging with his dad, too.

The Men-an-tol
One of a number of ancient stone sites of Cornwall; rumored to promote fertility; these days better known for promoting irreverence, obnoxiousness, and nudity (excepting, of course, the farmers in surrounding fields and moores).

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