If I were a mystic who could see energy fields, I’d wager that my good friend Emily Kahn’s aura is green. In fact, I bet it’s more like 67 shades of green. She has what you’d get when you cross a green thumb with the Midas touch in a person who is devoted to preserving and protecting this earth we call home.

And if you had an hour to listen to her (which would be a well-spent and highly entertaining adventure, I assure you), she could tell you about environmentally friendly ideas and practices from the macro to the molecular level, if you’re willing to go there.

Emily is founder of Green Fern Events, a company she’s been building for the better part of a year and officially launched this month. She threw open her company doors today, appropriately, in honor of Earth Day.

Green Fern Events is an absolutely, totally, thoroughly environmentally friendly event planning firm whose capabilities range from corporate events and regional conferences to weddings, bar mitzvas and private parties.

Emily pays shocking attention to detail when it comes to dreaming up and running gorgeous, affordable, well-planned and splendidly executed events. I came to love Emily because of her joie de vieve, exuberant wit, optimism and humanity. I came to respect and admire Emily for her passion, determination and knowledge about her work. She’s the real deal.

And she’s invested an enormous amount of time an energy in researching the absolute best products (often both organic and fair trade) and the most thorough environmental practices. The result: a company that can plan a bad to the bone, green to the core event at a time when we (especially we in Central Texas) want and need it most.

Conferences and events are among the largest polluters on earth — who knew that? Emily did before most of us, and she can give you a dozen reasons why without blinking.

Emily can go as green as her clients want their events to be — right down to a conference Web site that’s hosted on servers that use renewable solar energy.

After each event, Emily’s clients receive a full report that details exactly how they saved the planet, and by how much. And that makes for good corporate responsibility …and good news. How’d you like to plan an event that leaves everyone feeling good – from employees to consumers – and leaves your “green-washed” competition in the dust?

And because Emily loves sharing her knowledge, she’ll teach you as much as you want to know about making a sustainable difference in this world, whether you’re planning an event, or planning a better future for your children.

Indeed, Green Fern Events is not just another Central Texas event planning firm. It’s a kick-ass company run by a subject matter expert who loves life and leaves others feeling pretty good about their lives, too. And, no offense, but that should leave her local competition feeling a little you-know-what with envy.

So here’s to you, Emily Kahn. I wish you and Green Fern Events rip-roaring success (and I rather like the name, too).