If you want to know what makes my heart ache, this about sums it up.


I have my own versions of some of these photos, and videos from some of the same locations. Every time I visit Cornwall, I have a deeper desire to stay. And every time I leave, I feel as though I’ve left myself behind. Invariably I try to bring bits and pieces of England home with me — photos, food, sand, pebbles, wood, music, clothes, toys, friends.

But it’s impossible to surround yourself with something you love so much without actually being there. Seeing these particular selections through someone else’s lens, though, adds indescribable richness and depth to the etches, tones and hues of my own recollections of the place.

These pictures remind me that the villages and towans and beaches where the other part of me lives really do exist. The clock ticks here, and time passes there. Hayle exists beyond my imagination. These photos are someone else’s proof of it. And the place is as beautiful to them as it is to me.