has done a number on me, almost as bad as Twitter did when I dove in to that social stream a few months ago. For the past couple of days I’ve been living large in’s virtual world, throwing down song titles, inciting tempo-tantrums, and giving props to strangers and DJs in far-away places.

But there was no such joy for Charlie tonight. I navigated over to my new homepage and was shocked to find….nothing. Nary a Fail Whale in sight…only a flat note: “ is undergoing maintenance.”

By then, the first song on my playlist was thoroughly entrenched in my short-term memory, and it’s not the kind of song that you’d want to have wandering around the infinite loop of your hipppocampus. So I went elsewhere and found it on another Web site that, until 20 minutes ago, I’d never heard of. Who knew!

Life is good when you can quench your thirst for The Cars with a couple of keystrokes. The following video is for my brothers and sisters from the world of vinyl and tape…and for my new pals who are out there floating among the 1s and 0s.