Here’s a sample of the very least that you can expect from singer-songwriter Allen Higgins and his band, Becoming August:


     Higgins was born in February of 1969, smack dab in the middle of two great decades for music. He calls himself a late bloomer, because he didn’t pick up the guitar until 1986. (I’d guess that was during the last few years of high school for him, when most people our age were either playing or listening to music in our friends’ garages.)
     “I’ve always had to play catch up” Higgins said. ”Maybe that’s part of what drives me.” 
     If there’s one thing we know about this man, it’s that he doesn’t like to waste time on lame ideas.  Whatever the project, he strives to live up to the best writers and players of all time. 
     “If it doesn’t sound like a strong idea out of the gate, I usually junk it out and move on,” he said. “You’ve always got to give it your best. Otherwise why bother?” 
     His songwriting and guitar playing is the heart and soul of his band Becoming August. Check out their work on Facebook:
     Listen to the single, “Sunnyside Down,” from their latest CD, Someplace Better (available on iTunes and CD Baby): 

(Time: 2:34. Format: Country – Folk – Americana – Easy Listening – Light Rock – Multi Format)

     Diane Cortese Entertainment (Toronto, Canada) said this about Higgins: “Modern sound. Great harmonies. Solid production. Upbeat. Great musicianship. Listeners will love this!’  
     I agree with my diva partners and other sharp cookies in the entertainment industry, including Cortese. You’re going to be hearing a lot more from Mr. Allen Higgins.